Sample Sponsor Prospect Letter

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Dear Contact Name:

As a business leader, you understand the power of targeted advertising. (School Name) has an exciting and unique opportunity to put your message directly in front of our teachers, students and parents- right on their phones!
(School Name) has partnered with SchoolInfoApp to provide the (App Name) app that is available for free in the Apple App Sore and Google Play Store and is used daily by our students, teachers and parents to stay current on the latest school news, check event calendars, post assignments and much more. When you sponsor our app, a significant portion of your investment is credited to us to help offset the cost of providing this valuable tool. You’ll be helping us while helping your business grow!

As a sponsor, you get a clickable banner ad within our app. Your ad will feature your business logo and can be set up to link to your website, contact you via email, or even to open a video. Annual plans start as low as $300 and there are options to be an industry exclusive sponsor or a premier sponsor where yours would be the only ad on the app. There’s even an opportunity that would allow your business to send regular targeted sponsored notifications with your chosen message!

(Business Name) has been selected as a business we would be proud and honored to have represented in the (App Name) app. We hope you will consider this opportunity to show your support for your (school name). Kim Pizarro, our SchoolInfoApp Sponsor Program Coordinator, will be reaching out to you soon with more information or you may contact her directly at or 318-497-4677 at your convenience.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we thank you for your support.

Best regards,
(your name)

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