The Waves Of Change

It seems that no other profession on Earth is subject to change as much as education. If we imagine school as a business with students and their families as our customers, this business has the most diverse and widest assortment of customers around! In no other business model would one expect such a variety of customer needs to be met by one institution. These needs are in constant flux, and the institution is expected to adapt and accommodate every day and every semester.

Differentiation of instruction, implementing technology and improving school climate are recurring challenges at any school, as are ensuring school safety, managing social media and improving parental involvement – one of the most proven answers to better supporting student’s changing needs. So, how can we accommodate all of these student needs with limited time and shrinking budgets?

Obviously, there isn’t a single answer to that question. However, unlocking the power in the one device that students, their parents and faculty members all have with them all the time has to be part of the answer in today’s world. A school or district mobile app can do just this in many ways. Study after study continue to show app usage exploding. Just like great businesses are using mobile apps to meet so many of consumers needs in today’s fast paced world, so too are schools and school districts.

We’d love to show you how we can help you and your school or district ride the waves of change like a pro! (PS: this video has NOTHING to do with mobile apps or education but watching it may be the best minute and a half of your day!)

photo credit: clarklittle.com

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