Sponsor FAQ

Great, contact us and let us know. We’ll reach out and assist the school or district in getting started.
Simple. Complete the school enrollment application to get your school’s app. While we are creating it, provide us with a list of local preferred sponsors and any regional or national businesses that have a location close to your school. Our team will reach out and explain the sponsorship program and assist those businesses in becoming sponsors. It only takes 5 sponsors to fully offset the cost for the “portal” app option and 10 sponsors to fully offset the annual recurring cost for a standalone app.
Yes. First, your preferred local sponsor prospects get our team’s first priority. Since it only takes a few to fully offset the cost, it’s rare that we solicit a business that you didn’t recommend to begin with. Second, we only solicit family-friendly, school-appropriate sponsors. And, in the unlikely event that a sponsor you don’t approve requests to advertise in your school or district’s app, we will honor your request to refuse their ad.
Yes. Since it only takes 5 sponsors to offset the costs and we allow 10 sponsors per school, your school can actually realize a profit from your app. Proceeds can be directed to your general fund, booster club, PTO group or for a specific need.