What is the
SchoolInfoApp Sponsor Program?

SchoolInfoApp makes it easy to help offset the cost of your app through our Sponsor Program. School-friendly businesses can show their love for your school and promote their businesses by advertising in your app. A significant portion of their investment will be credited to your school or district, so each sponsorship directly benefits you! Many of our clients’ apps are significantly or fully funded through the Sponsor Program.

What’s in it for your school?

The Sponsor Program helps make your already affordable app by SchoolinfoApp even more affordable! SchoolInfoApp gives you the tools to make it happen, and most importantly, our team will help you secure the sponsorships.

What’s in it for your Sponsors?

School-friendly businesses get great exposure to your school community by advertising on your app. They get an unobtrusive, clickable banner that shows their support for your school!

The SchoolInfoApp Sponsor Program helps schools and businesses!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Provide SchoolInfoApp a list of prospective sponsors.

    Why do we ask you to do this? We want you to be 100% comfortable with the companies that sponsor your app. In the unlikely event that a sponsor you don’t approve requests to advertise in your school or district’s app, we will check with you to get approval before we proceed.

    Create your Sponsor Prospect List
    Check out these ideas for creating a great list of prospects.

  2. Send a letter to your prospective sponsors

    This letter lets them know that someone from the SchoolInfoApp team will be contacting them. A letter from your school lets them know that you have partnered with us to bring a high quality app for your school community to use, an app on which that they can be proud to advertise their business. You can use this sample letter to get you started.

  3. The SchoolInfoApp team will take it from here!

    With your permission, we will contact the prospects on your list to secure sponsorships, work with them to get their logo and other graphics, and get the ads up on your app.

Are you in? Contact our Sponsor Program Coordinator to get started!