October is Anti-Bullying Month

October Is Anti-Bullying Month

As a school administrator, one of your top priorities is ensuring that your students have a safe and welcoming learning environment. One study finds that 64% of students who are bullied never report it. According to StopBullying.gov, one of the easiest ways to stop bullying is to intervene immediately. So, how do you intervene quickly if more than half of students who are bullied don’t report it?

Providing your community with a safe and easy tool to anonymously report concerns is the best answer. Mobile apps by SchoolInfoApp can include a Tip Line which allows students who are being bullied or those who witness bullying to quickly, anonymously and safely submit tips to you directly from your school’s iPhone or Android app. It’s as simple as sending an sms text. In addition to bullying, students can use the Tip Line to alert you about other issues such as academic dishonesty, suspicious behavior, campus threats, cyberbullying and inappropriate social media posts. They can even include a picture or video and their contact information. Once a student submits a tip, the proper administrator will receive an emergency alert so that they can take immediate action.

Together, we can STOMP out bullying!

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