App-Sanity. It’s a thing.

Forgot a key ingredient for dinner and need to get it delivered? There’s an app for that. Want to buy movie tickets? There’s an app for that. Schedule a hair appointment, visit to the vet or babysitter? Yep, there are apps for all of those as well. With apps you can track your travel, what you eat, when you exercise and where your kids are. And I guess it comes as no surprise, considering as of last month there were currently 2.2 million apps available for Android users as well as 2 million in the Apple app store.

At some point people are going to experience app fatigue or app insanity. Maybe app-sanity? And getting your parents and kids to download another app, even an app that will save them time and energy on managing their school year, as well as keep them connected and informed, can be a challenge.

Let’s face it, unless the name of your app includes the words Pokémon or Go it is going to be hard to get people’s attention. But don’t give up. There are creative ways to break through the clutter and get the attention of your stakeholders. One of our favorites? Have a Download Day!

Here’s how it works. Sometime in August or September, find a day between National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and National Happiness Day (seems like those two days are the same thing), and schedule a Download Day, where everyone who’s involved in the life of a student is encouraged to download your school’s app. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Parents, grandparents, after-school caregivers, students, teachers, other school district employees, alumni – they should all have your app.

You can use social media and other forms of communication to encourage your audience and raise awareness of Download Day. Or, if you have a day or event where you already have a captive audience, like orientation or open house, even better. Use their captivity to your advantage. Considering we can’t all be as technologically astute as our kids, set aside a few minutes and walk your audience through the download process so they have no excuses for not having it on their devices. Once they have it downloaded, you can explain a few of the incredibly cool key features and how it’s going to keep them updated on the who, what, when and where all throughout the school year.

You can even do something fun and make it a challenge. Go beyond just one download per student and see how many you can get. Maybe have classes or grades challenge each other. Or get parents in on the act and have them challenge each other on Facebook or Twitter. And think about the idea of a reward. Maybe once certain goals have been met you can reward everyone. After all, National Ice Cream Cone Day is coming soon. Sounds like a nice way to cap off Download Day.

Now you tell us! Have you held a Download Day for your school or district? We’d love to hear how it went. Send us an email with what you did so that we can all learn from your success!

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