We Build Great Apps For Great Schools.


We Build Great Apps For Great Schools.


We build great apps for great schools and school districts and have published Apple, Android and web-based apps serving thousands of schools and districts throughout the US, Canada and Europe. The only thing we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools and school districts, so our focus is 100% on doing that exceptionally well. Our apps get consistently high ratings from students, parents, teachers and administrators for having powerful features that are time-saving and easy to use.

We were recently named by District Administration magazine as a Top 100 product for the 4th consecutive year and have been featured in numerous publications.

We invite you to demo one of our apps, check out the robust set of available features or contact us to learn more about developing an app for your school or district.

It’s never been easier to Share!

With Share! by SchoolInfoApp, you can make magic happen! With just a few clicks anytime and from anywhere, you can easily share content, images and video across all of your school or district’s communication channels including your app by SchoolInfoApp, social media, website no matter who your website/CMS provider is and by voice dial, text or email. Connecting with your school community has never been easier!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Are you a parent, student or teacher and would like your school or district to get an app by SchoolInfoApp?