We build great apps for great schools and school districts and have published more than 300 Apple, Android and web-based apps serving over 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK and Canada. All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools and school districts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incredibly well. The result is apps that are highly rated in the app store reviews with features that students, parents, teachers and administrators find to be time-saving, simple and useful.

We were recently named by District Administration magazine as a Top 100 product for the 2nd consecutive year, have been nominated for various 2015 EdTech Digest awards and have been featured in numerous publications.

We invite you to download and demo one of our apps, check out the robust set of available features or contact us to learn more about developing an app for your school or district.

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Branded, Non-Branded & District-Wide Options

Having successfully deployed more than 300 unique apps serving over 600 schools and districts, we have options that fit every school and district. Our branded apps are the premiere choice for schools and districts that want the enhanced benefit of an independent app store listing and branded icon. Our non-branded app for is a great option for individual schools with a minimal investment. With all of the options, your app will include high-quality design elements featuring your school or district’s colors, logo and mascot that stakeholders recognize.

iOS, Android and Web

Your stakeholders will be able to download your school or district’s native iOS app for iPhones and iPads from the Apple App Store & native Android app from Google Play. Concerned about Blackberry, Windows or other devices? No problem! You will also have a separate HTML5 web app that is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Language Translation

All of the features and content of your school or district’s app are accessible in over 15 languages including Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese.

Content Management and Automation

We use a variety of cutting edge tools to automate many of the content features to ensure your app stays up-to-date with current content without any duplication of efforts. Additionally, our Content Management team serves as an extension of your staff and is available to add and update your app’s content throughout the year, at no additional cost.

Social Media Management

Our Admin Manager features powerful social media tools that allow you and your admin team to simultaneously send a message as a push notification and post it to your app’s Newsfeed, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. It is your one-click, one-place to tweet, facebook, and push your news and announcements. Already have an active social media presence? No problem, we can set things up so that posts to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages are seamlessly cross-posted to the app.

Push Notifications

Through our mobile-friendly Admin Manager, administrators can send push notifications to your school or district’s users from any phone, tablet or computer from anywhere, anytime. Notifications can be sent to everyone with the app or targeted to specific groups and are a great way to communicate news, announcements, weather closings and more. Notifications can be sent real-time or scheduled for a later time.

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